Holiday Season Is Almost Upon Us

by Rob Napolitano

It’s hard to believe… but Halloween has already come and gone and summer is almost a distant memory at this point.  It was an unusually warm October, which I loved, but it’s time to admit winter is right around the corner.  With winter comes the kick off to the holiday season.  As I have gotten older I have really grown to appreciate Thanksgiving.  It’s hard not to be fond of a day centered on a massive meal with family and friends at your side.

Like anything else, it can come with its frustrations if you are not prepared.  Thanksgiving in particular is known for its difficult travel.  Every year our family alternates locations for both Thanksgiving and Christmas.  This year we will travel north to Methuen on the 23rd.  Lucky for us, the north shore traffic tends to be a little friendlier than Rt. 3.  For those of you boarding a plane, here are a few travel tips to ensure things go as smooth as possible this year.