How Did That Happen?

By Rick Ropelewski

As I was returning from the morning walk with the dog, I saw our neighbors on their front porch with their three young daughters taking some first-day-of-school pictures, a ritual familiar to many of us.  Their oldest is in elementary school, but by the middle girl’s attire and spring in her step it looked like it was her first day of kindergarten.  Graduations, the first day of school, weddings; milestones that make us wonder how this all can be happening if we are not getting any older.

We had several major milestones in our house this year as well.  Our son Peter is starting his freshmen year of high school.  Not sure how that happened when I vividly remember him walking into his kindergarten classroom thinking that his backpack was bigger than he was.

I also had the surreal experience of handing my daughter Molly the keys to the family car for her first time behind the wheel.  There were a few comments such as “a little more to the left” (repeated several times with a little urgency by the third utterance), but after the lesson my daughter informed my wife that I did not scream like her friend’s father did with her first lesson.  Hey, I’ll take any positive feedback I can get.  I’m also happy to report no new dings in the car over the first month.  But I have asked all of our neighbors to make sure they check both ways twice before crossing the street.

2017 also marked my last game coaching baseball.  As many of you know, I have coached baseball at various levels for the last nine years.  With my son entering high school he will be playing for his school team, but between school and other interests, he will not play for the town league.  But all of those years brought countless memories and were an absolutely fantastic experience.  While I’m sorry to see it end, I figure if the Red Sox have not called by now asking me to be their bench coach, it probably won’t ever happen.


The author of this article is Rick Ropelewski, Wealth Manager at U.S. Wealth Management