How Many Financial Planners Does It Take To Repair A Ceiling Fan?

By Rick Ropelewski

When we moved into our house, our bedroom had a ceiling fan.  I noticed that it wobbled just a little when the fan was set to a higher speed.  Not a big deal except for the fact that the fan was directly over our bed.  That wobble looked a lot worse when I was lying in bed staring up at the fan.

We liked the ceiling fan / light fixture so it was just a matter of somehow adding another bolt or two to reinforce the fan. I had a moment of clarity before I started to disconnect the wires and detach the fan from its anchor, realizing that there were various wires with no discernable logic to the colors being connected.  So very impressed with myself, I drew what I thought was an accurate schematic of the wiring.   Three hours after starting the project the ceiling fan was reinstalled.  I flipped the light switch annnnnd … nothing.  The fan did not rotate and the light did not go on.  It was getting late, but I had installed two more reinforcing bolts so although the fan did not work it was not going to drop on the bed at 2:00 AM.  The following evening, I applied my electrical skills again.  This time, only two hours later, the fan worked but the light did not.  One last attempt and an hour later, the fan and light were both working.

The good news is that I had honed my ceiling fan installation skills over the course of two nights.  The bad news is that I will probably have no need to do a similar repair again.  Either that or it will be with a different ceiling plan with a completely different wiring scheme.  It made me realize that the problem with most house repairs is that by the time you start to get good at fixing something the repair is finished.  Granted, one can argue that some of the general knowledge you gain working on a plumbing repair, painting or finishing work can be applied to the next project (turning off the power at the circuit breaker is a good idea whether you are repairing a ceiling fan or running wires for a new outlet!)

So to answer the question posed at the top; only one financial planner is needed.  The more relevant question to ask though is how long will it take them to complete the repair.