My First Cruise - Surprise Vacation!

My First Cruise - Surprise Vacation?

By Chrissy McCormack

So my family has been very fortunate when it comes to vacations.  We do without a lot of things (land line, cable, new fancy cars), so that we can justify our 2-3 family vacations a year.

My husband and I (with our friends the Murphy’s) have been taking vacations together for as long as I can remember.  This was even BA or BL (BEFORE AIDAN and BEFORE LILLY as we like to call it) our kids.  Our children are 10 years old and only children, so they are more like brother and sister than anything.

We have had our 9th year of vacations with the Murphy family.  Mostly in the winter, we go to either Mexico or Sanibel Island in Florida.  Then every summer, we take a week and go to Provincetown down the Cape.  Here we are very lucky, because we not only have the hotel on the water, but we take the Murphy’s 34-foot Luhrs sport fishing boat.  This allows us many beach and boating days and lots of trips to see the whales.

This past February, I was surprised with our first cruise.  I wasn’t sure if I would like a cruise or not as I like the luxury of going where I want and when I want (beaches, etc.), but I have to say, I liked it more than I thought I would.  We started off in Miami and boarded a cruise for Key West.  Once in Key West, we hooked up with a good friend of ours who owns a charter fishing boat and restaurant there.  So this was nice, we still got to go fishing (which was something my son lives for and would not have gone on the cruise if there was going to be NO fishing – yes, I created a 10-year old fishing monster).

We only spent the day in Key West, then boarded the ship again and cruised to the Bahamas.  Again, we only got one day in the Bahamas, but we happened to ask the “locals” what is the best beach to go to – that they go to and man… what a great beach.  Much nicer than the touristy places.  I like to be off the beat and path and would rather hang with locals then hang with people just like us if that makes any sense at all.  After the day in Bahamas, we boarded the ship and ended in Miami again.

To be perfectly honest, for someone who is on a boat every day in the summer, I couldn’t even tell we were on a ship.  I did enjoy it, but have come to learn that I would rather spend a week in one of these places, then one day.  So, at least I can check the cruise off of my bucket list and keep doing what we’ve been doing – going to Mexico, Sanibel or wherever else we choose.