"My Old Man"

By Tom Lally

The Zac Brown Band song “My Old Man” has been all over the radio lately.  I think even some of the non-country music stations are playing this now because of Father’s Day.  In it, the singer starts by talking about his own father before moving on to his experience as a father himself.  Speaking of his son, he says that he hopes “he someday wants to be like his old man.”

When I was a kid, growing up to be anything like my parents was just about the worse thing I could imagine.  Not because there weren’t nice people, but because they weren’t exactly ‘cool.’  This sentiment only deepened as middle school turned to high school.  But now?  Well that’s a totally different story.  I’d consider myself very lucky to be much like them.  The older I get, the more I find myself doing and saying things which I’ve picked up from them, whether it’s a phrase of my mother’s or my father’s habit of going for a walk at lunch to stretch his legs away from his desk.  But the scariest part of all – I don’t even mind it.

The most striking example of this is my career.  My father is an accountant, and he encouraged me to see if I had any interest in that.  He never forced it on me, so it wasn’t an act of rebellion, but when I went to college I majored in English, which is about as far from accounting as I can imagine.  But here I am now, a Certified Financial Planner™ with six years of financial services experience under my belt.  True, this is not the same as accounting (and I’ll probably need to add a disclaimer at the bottom saying that we are not accountants and don’t provide tax advice).  But they are closely related fields, with those who are not financially inclined perhaps unable to tell the difference.  Just like when my biomedical engineer sister and her civil engineer friend try to explain to me how their particular fields of engineering are totally different, and that distinction is lost on me.

So whether your father is near, far, or dearly departed, we hope you had a wonderful Father’s Day with the important people in your life.


The author of this article is Tom Lally, Wealth Manager Assistant at US Wealth Management.