New Mother's Day Traditions

by Chrissy S. McCormack

This was the first Mother's Day without my mother.  For years, we have always done the same thing.  I would take her out to lunch or dinner and she would spend a couple hundred dollars on plants for her garden.  I mean, had been our thing for about 15 years.  One Mother's Day, (about 15 years ago), I had saved up and bought her a new/used minivan as her vehicle had just "expired".  Without my mother knowing this, she immediately says "ok, brat - let's go get some flowers".  At this point, I am sweating, because I had just spent $5,000 on the car. So, fine, lets go. 

She was putting a lot in the cart, and she must've been able to see the fear in my eyes and asked if I was having financial problems.  I said, of course not mom, just let's try to keep it under one hundred this time.  At that point, by the time we came back to her house, we had hidden the new car in her back driveway and I took her out back to explain "why I couldn't buy that many flowers'.  I have never seen her cry so many happy tears.  It was the best day ever! 

So needless to say, not having my mother around this Mother's Day was going to be the worst.  I decided that I am going to make new traditions with my own son from now on. 

Aidan and I flew to Baltimore, MD where we stayed with my niece, Kelsey who is in her fourth year of the Army at Fort Meade and her husband who just served 6 years in the Navy.  My niece graduated from University of Maryland, while serving in the Army.  This young lady is so motivated it is crazy.  She is top at everything she has ever done and continues to do.  We spent Mother's Day doing the tourist thing around DC and Baltimore.  It was very important to me that NOBODY wish me a Happy Mother's Day.  I didn't even want to mention it.  So my lovely, thoughtful son gave me a card anyway with a pin that says "My son is #1."   He made me wear it around all day.  The time I spent with my son, my niece and her husband was so precious and happy and I am so thankful I did that versus stay home and mull around depressed because it was the first year without my mother.

So my new Mother's Day tradition is to travel someplace for the weekend with just my son - not even my husband, Dan.  Just my boy and me - creating new Mother's Day memories.