New Year's

By Tom Lally


I’ve always had difficulty with the concept of New Year’s resolutions.  I do think it’s a natural time to reflect back on the past year and look ahead to the next.  The phrase “progress, not perfection” is why I prefer to think of these as general intentions more than specific goals.  Instead of a hard, numbers-based goal like “lose 10 pounds before summer” – where there’s a chance for success but also failure and disappointment – I try to focus on softer, more general objectives, where any incremental progress can be celebrated as a positive step forward.  Looking back on my past year, here are some of the areas I intend to focus on improving in 2017.

Move More

I’ve been pretty good about exercising since I joined a gym down the street from our office, but I do have a desk job that keeps me in a chair for most of the day before I head to the gym.  I’ve become more keenly aware of this since my birthday last year, when I got a Fitbit activity tracker (which I love).  One of the cool things it tracks is how many hours during the day I took 250 steps.  I was surprised and horrified to see that some days I may go two or three hours in a row without hitting that target.  So this year I’d like to get up and move more during the day, even if it’s just a small thing like bringing our mail down to the mailbox two floors below.

Read More

I was an English major in college, so I’ve always loved to read.  But over the last few years I’ve picked up a book less and less frequently.  In fact I’ve accumulated a small stack on my bookshelf just of ones I haven’t read yet.  This year I’d like to start reading some of them.

Sleep More

Despite the medical advice to not do this, I usually end up a little short on sleep during the week and make up for it on weekends.  It would be one thing if this happened because I lost myself in a good book (see above), but more often than not I have a sorry excuse like turning on the Bruins game for a few minutes to unwind and losing track of time.  Honestly, a month from now, am I really going to remember the score of a random Thursday night game against the Edmonton Oilers?

The author of this article is Tom Lally, Wealth Manager Assistant at US Wealth Management.