Party Time

Over the summer I was fortunate enough to be in a wedding when my good friend Tyler got married.  I’m at an age where many of my friends are getting married, so I’ve been to my fair share of weddings over the last few years.  But I had never been in one before, so I was a little nervous about what to expect from that side the big day.

We’ve all heard plenty of horror stories about the bridal party or families not getting along, and things being very difficult behind the scenes.  Fortunately I experienced none of that.  It was all done very nicely, but everything was simple and relatively stress free.  It did help that it was a small wedding, with only about a hundred people attending.

Although I offered to plan one with the best man, there was no bachelor party.  The rehearsal dinner was a cookout hosted by the parents.  The ceremony was a short civil ceremony, held in front of the lighthouse at Ned’s Point, a public park and beach in Mattapoisett, Massachusetts.  The biggest – and as far as I know, only – issue were the place cards, which didn’t arrive until a day or two before the wedding.  Stressful as that may be, I’m sure plenty of people would be happy for that to be the day’s biggest problem.

The pictures were just about the only added stress for me from being in the wedding party.  And the smiling that went along with it.  Most of it was the genuine kind, but there was plenty of the smiling you do while waiting for the photographer to take what seems like their 10th shot in this particular pose, and you can’t wait for them to put the camera down.  But I had a fantastic time.  I was so honored to be in the wedding party and I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.


The author of this article is Tom Lally, Wealth Manager Assistant at US Wealth Management