On Second Thought....

On Second Thought…

By: George V. Howe

…maybe that wasn’t such a good idea?! It’s fairly well-documented, my questionable decisions as a father: flying across country for 6 hours with two screaming kids? Giving a two-year old boy a small wooden bat assuming he’d fall in love with baseball but quickly realizing he’d prefer to use it as a weapon (sorry Cali)? The Guinea Pig? Karate lessons for a kindergartener who was thrown off the school bus…for fighting? We can now add “The Haircut” to this growing list of “I’m sorry, what did you just do?”

Bringing your son to the barber shop is almost a rite of passage for little guys looking up to their dads. I specifically recall one of my childhood haircuts. My father was, and always has been, challenged by hair growth, or lack thereof. So I asked the barber to give my hair clippings to my father so he could use it for his toupee. I thought I was being a thoughtful son attempting to address one of my father’s shortcomings, which was wearing that awful 1970’s style hairpiece in the first place! Unfortunately my request was within ear-shot of the old man, who proceeded to direct the barber to use the #1 clipper. I walked out with, what could generously be described as a crew cut; at the very least I didn’t have to worry about parting my hair for a few months. My father thoroughly enjoyed the moment. My mother was completely horrified. Lesson learned…you would think.

Now, the definition of hindsight is the ability to understand a situation after it has happened; take stock of the facts or information you have been given. The benefit of hindsight is applying those lessons to avoid future consequences. Shall we continue…?

The day didn’t start out any different than Nolan’s last trip to the barber. The command came down from the top (Mom), so off to Sports Clips we went with expectations of returning home with a “boys regular” and a lollipop. It was a simple question from the stylist: “so, what kind of haircut do we want today?” <insert bad decision here> Nolan stated that he wanted to look more like me - slightly shaved head, not bald but headed down that path, ironically I use #1 clipper. I clearly told him that it’s not a good look and Mommy might be, sort of, kind of, maybe a tad upset if he came home with less hair than me. The next question from the hair stylist, and my subsequent answer, has removed me from haircut duty for the foreseeable future: “how about a Mohawk?” Nolan’s eyes lit up like a Christmas tree, and after being reassured that his hair would grow back in due time, we said “YES!” He smiled the entire time he was in the chair.

So after getting Nolan his lollipop I did what every proud father would…I posted pictures of his new crop on Facebook. I was in the car less than 2 minutes when the call came down from the top (Mom): through the tears and sniffling, “what did you just do…?” If hindsight is 20/20 I’m in need of prescription glasses!