Spreading Christmas Cheer

By Chrissy S. McCormack

Well one would think that boating and beaching on December 3rd, is not a good idea, but for me....It was a great idea and I am very happy we tolerated the freezing cold weather in order to spread a little Christmas cheer to my most favorite place in the world, the cottages at Bassing's Beach.

So as you have heard me write about before, my favorite little happy place is a small island that has two tiny cottages on it just inside of Cohasset Harbor.  These cottages do not have any heat or electricity.  The refrigerator and stove is run by a big propane tank, and there is only cold outside showers.

There is no cell phone reception and it wreaks of moth balls, but guess what?  I love it.  I have spent many years at this beach and these cottages, and they bring bring tons of great memories.  I am lucky enough to be a tenant on the Bassing's Beach Tenant Association where I get the cottage every Summer for a couple of weeks. 

The other day, we realized we should "light it up."  Considering our boats were all out of the water and winterized, we had to borrow a local lobsterman's boat and use kayaks to bring all of our essential items over.  Some of those items included thousands of battery powered LED lights, greens that I had picked from the woods, tools, a ladder, and of course a skeleton that we dressed up as Santa.

While we were out doing this, the Cohasset Mariner (our local newspaper) happened to come upon us on our kayaks and boats with me (I know, it doesn't look like me - I had a number of layers on) holding a skeleton with a Santa suit.  She and the rest of the town of Cohasset, especially the lobstermen were indeed very happy we did it.  That was just a small way we tried to spread some holiday cheer.