Top Ten Things You Never Knew About Tom

by Tom Lally

  1. I am the oldest of three. My sister is two years younger and my brother is five years younger. I’m the stereotypical oldest child – responsible and conscientious – and I always lead things for any group gifts we get. The year I was abroad, I was the only one who remembered it was our mother’s birthday.They still haven’t lived that one down! My brother actually got her a Christmas card by mistake, although in his defense, her birthday is in late November.
  2. I was a bit clumsy as a child, and I broke different bones in an arm on three separate occasions by the time I was 11. The first time I was only 3 years old and I think my parents still feel slightly guilty for assuming at first that it wasn’t broken and I was just being dramatic.
  3. My earliest memory is from daycare. Although I loved being with Suzie, this was not a particularly good day. I didn’t want to take my nap, so she decided to try and teach me how to tie my shoes. I just could not figure out how to do it, and I got really frustrated – probably because I was cranky and needed a nap!
  4. I won multiple spelling bees sometime around middle school. Let’s just say I was not especially popular at this stage of my life.
  5. I was the captain of my high school tennis team, despite being a fine but not especially good player. But that is where I really got to know one particular teammate who to this day remains one of my best friends. In fact, our friendship is permanently inked on him. His tattoo is Ben Franklin’s “Join, or Die” political cartoon, except instead of US colonies, he has the initials of several friends.
  6. I was a tiny baby but a pretty heavy preteen. If I could, I would burn every single copy of my 6th grade school picture. I’m back on the slender side because I’m a bit of a gym rat, and outside of working and sleeping, that’s probably the single thing I spend the most time doing now.
  7. My grandfather is the youngest of 10. His oldest brother Napoleon was killed during WWII, the first from his hometown to make that sacrifice. The USS Cabana is a destroyer escort that the US Navy named after him. My grandfather still has the bottle that his mother used to christen the ship in 1943.
  8. I am older now (28) than my father was (27) when I was born.
  9. My first choice when I spent a semester abroad was not Dublin. I had really wanted to go to Geneva and intern for the UN or some other international NGO like a friend of mine had done the year before. But right before I was applying, Switzerland changed their visa process, and in response my school stopped offering it as an option. I’ve still never been to Geneva – though it’s on my list! – but I absolutely loved Dublin and would not change a thing now.
  10. I’m an awful singer but that does not stop me from doing my own carpool karaoke anytime I’m driving somewhere alone, usually to country music.



The author of this article is Tom Lally, Wealth Manager Assistant at U.S. Wealth Management.