What Christmas Means To Me

By Chrissy McCormack, Client Services Associate

I have to say, growing up in a medium class family in Scituate, and never taking vacations or doing any fun-filled family trips, I looked forward to Christmas every year.  It was a time when our parents did spoil us.  They made up for the things we didn’t get throughout the year that other families did.  When I think about those Christmas’s as a child, I remember a shiny new bike or something really big. 

As I look back now, having my own family – I can’t help to realize that my parents did it right.  We did not grow up as entitled little brats, we had everything we needed and some things we wanted.  But most of all, we had the love of family and the appreciation of the gifts that were under the tree.

We may not have had family fun filled vacations (ever), but we had more fun family times that didn’t cost a dime.  To name a few, (my stories always seem to revolve around fishing); the whole family would get bundled up, us kids would have our skates on and we would actually DRIVE our truck on to Lilly Pond in Cohasset and my dad, mom and the guys would have a nice warm fire with almost like a house on the pond.  The adults would fish while we skated and then when we got too cold, we would go into the little warm house, sit down next to the fire my dad had built in a metal trash can, and we would ice fish (all while drinking hot cocoa my mother had made in advance – it was the coolest times (no pun intended). 

So the morale to the story, I know my parents did it right, because when asked to write a story about your favorite Christmas, mine immediately went to the times we spent together as a family during Christmas break – that did not cost my parents a dime. 

I hope that when my son is older and he is asked this same question, he thinks of all the good times we had during the Christmas break than the things that were under the Christmas tree.