Back to School Report – What We Did This Summer

We hope everyone had a wonderful summer and was able to take some time to relax and spend time with family and friends.

April Fools

By Thomas Lally.

Therese Nicklas Featured in Forbes: 13 Financial Tips for Newlyweds

Congrats on your big day! As you begin to build your life together, you should talk about money. While it may not be easy, the number one rule is to be honest. “It’s all about a foundation for your relationship,” says Therese Nicklas, a certified financial planner with U.S. Wealth Management in Boston.

The Dirty Dozen - Beware of These 12 Tax Scams in 2016

The Dirty Dozen – Beware of These 12 Tax Scams in 2016

What Do Swimming and Hockey Have in Common?

They are both sports where one can watch a family member participate while you are completely sedentary.  Most of us have had some experience watching a family member or friend play some sport during elementary or high school.  Some are quite enjoyable, while for others your only thought is “I’m never getting back that hour of my life.”  Prompted by a recent con

Have You Set a Date?

I think there’s an unwritten rule that you must ask this question within two minutes of seeing a newly engaged couple for the first time.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that.  Now that you’ve decided to get married, the next logical thing is to decide when it’s going to happen.  But I’ve learned that there’s a little more to it than pull

Welcome Chrissy

This week we would like to introduce you to the newest member of our team, Chrissy McCormack.  Chrissy will be joining our team as a Client Service Associate.  Chrissy lives in Cohasset with her husband of 20 years and their nine-year old son Aidan.


If you emailed me a few weeks ago and got my out of office auto-reply, that’s because I was on vacation.  I don’t have any kids, which affords me a lot of flexibility when it comes to this.  So instead of going in August because its school vacation, I’ve found that going away in the fall means more manageable crowds, better prices, and weather that’s still good

New Eyeglasses and a Root Canal

What do a new eyeglass prescription and a root canal have in common?  Besides the fact that I had both in 2015, the answer is they could both require a significant cash outlay that could be avoided with proper attention to your group benefits and health insurance.

The Commissioner

Another football season is here, with the first weekend of games already behind us.  For Patriots fans tired of all the off-field drama, having something to root for on the field is a nice change.  The real football season also means fantasy football season.  And this year I take over as commissioner of my league.

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