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Market Commentary - April 2019 - Key Retirement and Tax Numbers; Hybrid Funds, Lifestyle or Target? and more

In This Issue:

  • Key Retirement and Tax Numbers
  • Hybrid Funds, Lifestyle or Target?
  • What Happened to Your Money?

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Benefits and Risks of Purchasing Investment Property

If you’re currently considering purchasing investment property, there are an equal measure of risks and rewards. Like any investment, risk can be managed, but you want to be aware of the risks prior to investing in property. And like any investment, there can be rewards, some quite large.

The Real Cost Of Owning A Mutual Fund

In over 40 years of business, our firm has never lost any money for our clients, in part because they don't own mutual funds. The following article seeks to simplify the many complexities of mutual fund expenses so investors are able to discover the true costs associated with mutual fund ownership.

“Dirty Dozen” Tax Scams to Watch For

From Patrick Doherty, CFP®

The Drama of the Inverted Yield Curve

This past weekend’s news channels were consumed with President Trump, Robert Mueller, and the report summary of the Russia collusion investigation.  If you were paying attention to the economic news before this took over the media, you likely heard the alarmist headlines on Friday about the inverted yield curve, which (you probably also read) inevitably signals an upcoming economic r

12 Signs During Tax Season That Clients Need Help with Charitable Planning

By Ken Nopar, Senior Philanthropic Advisor

Increasingly, clients have been discussing charitable planning with their tax and financial advisors, especially since the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. Though some clients made changes in the past year or two by bunching donations or establishing donor advised fund (DAF) accounts, many still have not.

Eight Ways to Improve and Maintain a Good Credit Score

Whether you like it or not, your credit score can determine how easy or how difficult it is to buy a car, buy a house, get cell phone service, or even get a job.  A bad credit score can negatively impact just about every area of your life. Sometimes, a bad credit score can result from events entirely out of your control such as illness, disability, or from the loss of a job.

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