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Market Commentary - April 2019 - Key Retirement and Tax Numbers; Hybrid Funds, Lifestyle or Target? and more

In This Issue:

  • Key Retirement and Tax Numbers
  • Hybrid Funds, Lifestyle or Target?
  • What Happened to Your Money?

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What Happens After You Die? (Podcast)

By Byron Moore, posted March 20, 2019

The following segment first aired on KEDM 90.3.

What will happen to your stuff when you are no longer here?

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Credit Cards versus Debit Cards

Most consumers typically have both a credit card and a debit card. Of course, the biggest difference between the two is that a debit card will immediately take money out of your bank account when used, unlike a credit card, which will pay for the purchase and later add the amount of the transaction to your monthly statement.

But are there any other differences between the two?

February 2019 Employment Situation


Candy and Flowers and Cards, oh my!

The less-than-romantic origins of Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is here!  Candy and flowers and cards, oh my! Elementary school kids are exchanging greetings with their classmates, dropping messages to classmates in homemade Valentine mailboxes, which are often quite elaborate, probably thanks to Pinterest.


Every month we share our personal commentary on economic forces challenging your money.  It's not "gospel" but it's what we think.  Have thoughts?  Please share in the comments below. 

January 2019 Employment Situation


5 Things to Teach Your Kids About Finances

If you’ve spent more than five minutes on a kid’s television network, you’ve seen just how inundated young kids are with commercials for everything from the latest gadget, to some dreadful snack that features something gooey and/or messy. It’s also safe to bet that many of these kids run to their parents, wanting to buy some or all of these items.

Significant Increase in Donor Advised Fund Transfers

By Ken Nopar, Senior Philanthropic Advisor

The Return to Volatility: Part II

The Return to Volatility:  Part II                                                                  By Jonathan V Bever

Investing from the end of the diving board

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