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A Hard Lesson to Learn for a 9-year Old

By Chrissy McCormack

So since my life is like a funny book, I thought I would share my last weekend adventure with you all.  It started out in my son’s tree fort that my husband had just built him (which is more of a tree house than a fort), I was “pretending” to be decorating, but in reality, I was just putting myself in “mommy timeout” enjoying some quality alone time in a tree catching up on social media.

Kissing the Fish

Kissing The Fish – A family “guideline” - by Chrissy McCormack

Is It What We Do For Our Children or Is It What Our Children Do For Us?

Is It The Things We Do For Our Kids, Or Is It The Things Our Kids Do For Us?

By Chrissy McCormack

Welcome Chrissy McCormack

It’s a New Year so why not introduce our newest team member, Client Service Associate, Chrissy McCormack. Just about everyone reading this article will have the pleasure of interacting with Chrissy as she becomes an important and integral part of our US Wealth Management team.

Family Traditions of A "Townie"

So the “honeymoon is over.” I have been a member of the “RopeTeam” for an official 2 months now and it is now my turn to write a personal article for the Rope Team Newsletter. Here we go, for this week’s newsletter, I would like to introduce myself to you in a more personal way and help you to better understand who I am. Let’s see….

After being born and raised in Scituate and Cohasset my whole life, I am what most people consider a “Townie.” Our definition of a Townie… is one who doesn’t like to drive past the Hingham Rotary or the Scituate Rotary, or if you’re like me, where you have lived your whole life consists of three Towns that border each other, Scituate (up until I was 19), Hull (from 19 to 28 years old), and Cohasset from 28 years old until now.

I am your typical “daddy’s girl,” my mother is my best friend and I have been with my “high school sweetheart – now husband” since I was 15 years old. Without giving my age, can tell you that’s about 28 years. We have one son who is 9 years old, Aidan and he is our EVERYTHING.

When I was growing up, my family was all about the outdoors. In the Spring, Summer and Fall, we hunted, we fished, we checked lobster traps, when Winter came, we went ice fishing. My dad wanted a son to do these activities with, so he decided to just treat me like one. I was his “wing man” when it came to boating, fishing, hunting and anything outdoors.

We were basically dropped off at an island in Cohasset Harbor called Bassings Beach, this “island” has two small cottages on it that has a waiting list of years to occupy for a week in the Summer. My dad would drop us off there at low tide, go out fishing with our relatives, and pick us up later in the evening at high tide (although I must admit, he did forget us a few times and that’s mostly how we learned to swim across the harbor – it’s only about 10 feet) to get back to shore. I digress.

So as a young child, I was always fishing with my dad and the guys. The rule was whoever catches the first fish gets a dollar from everyone. They were all guys and nice enough to always “make sure I caught the first fish”, then he would take me to Tedeschi’s where I would get a Slim Jim and a soda (much to the dismay of my mother), but it was our little secret. Our special time.

Once I had my own son, these traditions continued. When my son was 11 days old, my husband said “I’m going out on the boat”, me thinking what the heck am I supposed to do here with this brand new baby? So I did what I am now so happy about, I took my son with us. It was the best sleep he has ever gotten and that was how he grew up, on a boat, then fishing. He is such a great Captain and now has his own little 12 foot boat that he motors around the harbor, with his proud mama in tow.

As an adult fishing with the guys, they also had a fishing rule, it was whoever catches the “biggest fish” has to kiss it. Knowing that my dad and his friends had their own rules, I believed this and would smooch that striper once I caught it. Then I would call my dad tell him I caught the biggest fish, tell him I was with the guys and I kissed it. He says in a very stern voice “WHAT??? If they told you to jump off a bridge would you?” He then made me realize, that was not a “rule of fishing”, but a prank that my guy friends loved playing on me every year. This picture you see in the newsletter is actually 15 years apart. So, I spent 15 years kissing striped bass for no reason. Naïve or just carrying on a fun family tradition, you be the judge.





Welcome Chrissy

This week we would like to introduce you to the newest member of our team, Chrissy McCormack.  Chrissy will be joining our team as a Client Service Associate.  Chrissy lives in Cohasset with her husband of 20 years and their nine-year old son Aidan.

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