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Fixing Social Security: Cutting Benefits


By Gary Silverman, CFP®

Quarterly Market Overview From Royal Fund Management

Mark Sorenson-Posted: 09 Jul 2018 09:52 AM PDT

Fixing Social Security: Increasing Taxes


By Gary Silverman, CFP®

Last week I opened a discussion of Social Security and how to fix it. The proposed fixes are numerous but fall into two basic camps. Raise revenue (taxes) or lower spending (benefits).

What is the future?

In the 2008 movie WALL-E mankind has left earth behind because it has become covered with trash from products sold by the Buy ‘N Large Corporation. WALL-E has been left behind to clean it all up. In one part of the movie, humans arrive at earth in a giant space ship. On board they ride around a space resort on hovering chairs watching screens and videos all day.

Fixing Social Security: Part One

By Gary Silverman, CFP®

The Social Security system is big. It is the single largest program in the federal government’s budget. Almost one-quarter of all federal dollars spent is done so through the Social Security Administration. It is also the primary provider of income to the majority of our nation’s retired folks.

2018 Overflowing Flower Pots - Garden Event

Luan made it fun again! The plants seemed to come alive in her presentation and welcome us into their place. Yes, we went to their home at Tagawa Gardens. For a number of us who had never visited Tagawa Gardens, it was impressive with all the variety of plants. We had fun, and most of us adopted plants to take to our homes.

Video: The Importance of Financial Goals

These are the obstacles we all face in trying to achieve our financial goals:


Why Life Insurance Matters for New Homeowners

If you buy a home and you have no life insurance, there is a financial risk. It may not be immediately evident, but it must be acknowledged -- and it should be addressed.


Things To Do Before Purchasing a Home

You’ve finally decided that it’s time to buy a house. Your family looks at area listings and picks out a few homes to view. In the process, you find the house of your dreams, only to watch it slip away as another potential buyer puts a bid on it, backed by their preapproval, whereas you don’t even know what your credit score is.

Staying Financially Organized

How many filing cabinets do you have stuffed of important documents like tax returns, W2s, paycheck stubs, contracts, or those documents that you don’t want to toss but aren’t sure why you’re keeping it?

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