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7 Strategies for Credit Card Debt Reduction — And One Thing to Avoid

Distraught about your debt? Do credit card bills make you cringe? Trying to dig out can feel overwhelming, so here are seven strategies that can effectively downsize credit card debt — and one thing to avoid if at all possible.

Debt Reduction Strategies

13 Habits of Financially Savvy People

Being financially savvy will mean different things to different people. But a common trait that the money-smart share is an affinity for long term financial planning and goals.

Those who are great at it don’t have to make huge sacrifices, but still manage to enjoy a high standard of living while traveling and pursuing a range of hobbies.

I am going to live to be how old?

Should women have financial plans that assume they live to 100? Investopedia reports on a new analysis: https://tinyurl.com/y97qug56

Is It Always Best to Purchase a Home?

Homeownership is the American dream. But is it for everyone? From a young age, purchasing a home is synonymous with success. However, there are some circumstances that need to be taken into account before making the decision to buy a home.

Even the best laid plans don’t always work out: My first day with an EV

Tuesday was my first day with my new electric vehicle or EV, a 2015 Nissan Leaf.

To avoid the million-dollar retirement myth, start with your ‘why’

By Amy Masters, CFP®

I was a little nervous as I sat down for a long-awaited financial planning meeting with Ellen, an older and highly respected member of my church. It was four years ago, and she was considering retiring, but she wanted to look closely at the numbers first to be sure she was ready. When we sat down together, I was surprised that this poised, confident woman I’d known for years suddenly looked like a deer in the headlights. It was clear that she was even more nervous than I was! As soon as she spoke, I found out the reason. “I’m terrified Amy. I just don’t have a million dollars to retire!” As soon as I heard her words, I knew I could help.

4 Keys to Taxes on Social Security

Like many of the topics we go over regarding taxes, the taxation of Social Security income can get complicated. For many retirees, they start Social Security without even thinking about how it is going to affect their taxes until the following year. I meet with new clients all the time that can’t figure out why they owe a bigger bill at the end of the year.

Financial Planning for Newlyweds

Congratulations Newlyweds! Your fresh union symbolizes a new beginning facing the world. But before the glow of wedded bliss wears, it’s crucial to talk about finances.

Math Doesn't Add Up for Social Security


By Gary Silverman, CFP®

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