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Six Questions about Buying Mortgage Life Insurance

You’ve worked hard and after five years of disciplined savings, you’ve been approved for a 20 year $200,000 mortgage. It’s an exciting time and amongst the financial decisions ahead of you is determining if you should buy the bank-sponsored mortgage life insurance policy recommended by the loan officer.


By Kirk Larson
Social Security Washington Public Affairs Specialist


Every birthday deserves celebration, but some seem a little more special than others. Think of a baby’s first birthday. Sweet 16. The “Big 4-0.” Then, before you know it, along comes 65. This last milestone is especially important to retirees.

Do Spouses Need the Same Amount of Life Insurance?

Pat and Kelly, new parents, made a couple monthly budget adjustments upon the arrival of their first child. First, due to the added cost of day care and dependent health insurance, they decreased the amount they were saving for a house. And second, they agreed to review their life insurance needs.

Asset Protection: 5 Things You Probably Haven't Considered

Business owners who have acquired a lot of personal assets face the possibility of having their assets targeted by creditors who want to resolve a business liability. This is especially true in the case of a business owner who guarantees a debt of the business with his personal assets.

An Estate Planning Primer for Business Owners

As if business owners didn’t have enough to contend in managing their business and personal finances, there is one particular aspect of their financial lives that is often neglected until it’s too late, and that is the management of their estate.

8 Key Life Events that Require Financial Guidance

Almost everyone stresses over the daily obligations of financial planning, but many also neglect the significant life stages that require special attention and strategies. Here are 8 key life events that could benefit from professional financial guidance.

Thinking about retiring early........

What are the 3 major money challenges for early retirees?

The Motley Fool identifies them @ http://tinyurl.com/ycgtunej

LINC 2018

TD Ameritrade National LINC Conference 2018

Life Insurance and the Single Parent

The decision making process for single parents begins with the traditional question of determining how much life insurance is the right amount. The simple answer to how much life insurance is enough is quite simple. It depends.

So, the first question that you might ask is, “Depends on what?” That’s easy.

Improving Your Money Communication in the New Year

By: Kathleen Longo, CFP®, CAP®, CDFA

When it comes to resolutions, many of us work hard to commit to exercising more regularly, eating better, reading more and spending more time doing the things that make us happy. An oft overlooked aspect of our lives is how we communicate with our loved ones, most importantly spouses, with regard to money and finances.

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