Richard Ropelewski

What A Year It Was

By Tom Lally

When my parents said time goes by faster the older you get, I used to just laugh it off.  Now I know they weren’t kidding.  And so just like that, we’re back to January, with another year in the books.  And boy what a year it was!  Here are some of my personal highlights:

Spreading Christmas Cheer

By Chrissy S. McCormack

Well one would think that boating and beaching on December 3rd, is not a good idea, but for me....It was a great idea and I am very happy we tolerated the freezing cold weather in order to spread a little Christmas cheer to my most favorite place in the world, the cottages at Bassing's Beach.

Moving On In......

by Tom Lally

I have some exciting news – I bought a house!  It was a long and sometimes arduous process, and one I’m not eager to repeat anytime soon.  But I learned so much, and the reward – a place to call my own – was well worth everything that went into it.

How It Came To Be That I Am A Financial Planner

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Ten Things You Never Knew About Me

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Top Ten Things You Never Knew About Tom

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A Trip Of A Lifetime With My Boy

A Trip of a Lifetime with My Boy – Wedding in Hawaii

By Chrissy S. McCormack

Leaf Blower Part Two

by Rick Ropelewski

US Open

by Tom Lally

How Did That Happen?

By Rick Ropelewski

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