Richard Ropelewski

Hey, It's NOT Snowing...

By Rick Ropelewski

I Thought This Was Supposed To Get Easier!

One of the typical Labor Day questions we all get is “how was your summer”.  I gave the usual reply that it was fun but went by too quickly,  However, in years past I could touch on some highlight of the summer that was worthy of a quick story.  Don’t get me wrong, we had a very nice summer, but nothing to fill a three-page holiday newsletter with all the detail

My Summer 2018 Recap

By Chrissy McCormack

Par For The Course

By Tom Lally


Hall of Fame Open

By Tom Lally

Summer Has Arrived!

by Chrissy McCormack

Ferrari Time

by Tom Lally

A Successful Shred Event: Thank You!

Thanks to everyone who came out last weekend for our shredding event. We lucked out with a beautiful day, sunny but not too hot.

Wait, It Has Been How Long!?


by Rick Ropelewski

Wait, It Has Been How Long!?

We all have had the personal experience or know someone who said, “I can’t believe we have been in this job for x number of years.”


By Tom Lally

I’ve just returned from five days in Atlanta with my father, sister, and brother.  I’ve only ever been through the airport before, so this was my first time actually visiting the city, and I really enjoyed it.

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