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Be Ready For Retirement When You Reach Your Magic Age

Retirement means different things to different people. Perhaps you may be transitioning from a full-time career to part-time work. Or maybe you have plans to spend more time with family, travel the world, or hit the golf course with more frequency. Point is, you need to outline what a happy and fulfilling retirement looks like for you…and everybody is different!

Gradual Retirement

When the Parent Becomes the Child

Providing Care for Older IndividualsYoung and Old.jpg

It should come as no surprise to anyone that we’re living longer.[1]  Over the past century, medical science has defeated numerous diseases that once shortened the lives of man

The Planner's Perspective: Don't Assume Your Tax Documents Are Accurate

By Paul Morrone CFP®, CPA/PFS, MSA

There is a common misconception among taxpayers that just because their tax documents were generated by their employer, the government, or a financial institution that the facts and figures presented on those documents are complete and accurate. Any seasoned tax preparer will tell you that this is far from the case, and in fact, it is not uncommon for there to be material errors in the documents that you receive that can adversely affect your return. It is important to remember that while these documents may be printed by computers, there is generally a human element somewhere in the process of inputting, summarizing and submitting the data which leaves plenty of room for mistakes.

The Los Angeles Lakers

The Los Angeles Lakers are iconic. A dynasty. They’re one of the great franchises – not just in basketball, but all sports. They’ve won 16 NBA Championships. Their roster has included legendary players like Magic, Kobe, Shaq, Wilt, Kareem, Mikan, Worthy, Baylor, Jamal, LeBron and The Logo.

Adjusting Your Portfolio as You Age

 As you approach retirement, it may be time to pay more attention to investment risk.



If you are an experienced investor, you have probably fine-tuned your portfolio through the years in response to market cycles or in pursuit of a better return. As you approach or enter retirement, is another adjustment necessary?


Planning Ahead for Life Insurance Proceeds

Why did you purchase life insurance? If you're like most people who buy life insurance, you're looking to provide a source of income for someone (e.g., a spouse, parent, or child) after you die. Buying the policy was the first step. Now you'll need to do a little more work to ensure that the money you leave behind lasts.


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