Rick Ropelewski

Live Action Escapes

by Tom Lally

I Should Have Opted For More Horsepower

By Rick Ropelewski

Back to School Report – What We Did This Summer

We hope everyone had a wonderful summer and was able to take some time to relax and spend time with family and friends.

A Whale Of A Good Time!

A Whale of A Good Time

By Chrissy McCormack

So, How Are We Doing?

By Rick Ropelewski

A Hard Lesson to Learn for a 9-year Old

By Chrissy McCormack

So since my life is like a funny book, I thought I would share my last weekend adventure with you all.  It started out in my son’s tree fort that my husband had just built him (which is more of a tree house than a fort), I was “pretending” to be decorating, but in reality, I was just putting myself in “mommy timeout” enjoying some quality alone time in a tree catching up on social media.

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